Windermere Llamas

If you enjoy being around animals you will love the beautiful and personable llamas. With their dignity, natural curiosity and intelligence they make perfect companions. Llamas have been plagued with the unfair reputation of spitting. It is true that they spit, however the vast majority of llamas spit only at other llamas and not at people. Spitting is used by both alpacas and llamas to settle arguments, establish dominance and pecking order, tell males that females are pregnant, discipline crias and express fear or discomfort.

  • they need company of other llamas, so you need a minimum of two, preferably already friends, similar in age and of the same sex
  • long fleeced llamas require shearing annually
  • they need annual vaccinations, worming, & toenail trimming (when necessary)
  • llamas are 1.5 of a stock unit, while alpacas are 1 stock unit equivalent. This means you can carry approximately 4-5 alpacas to the acre (depending on where you live) or 2-3 llamas.


Llamas have primarily been used as pack animals while alpacas are fibre animals. Having had a very close relationship with people for a very long time, llamas have an easy going nature, willingness to please, intelligence and a gentle nature.

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